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updated: January 2008

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Family News

 As most of you already know, our family grew from four to five earlier this year.  February 5th, Skyland Ty Locke was born.  He is now ten months old and has been nicknamed, Boogawoo.  He is Daddy’s boy and loves to eat, dance to booming music, eat, play with his brother and sister, and eat.  Did I mention he loves to eat?  He is a growing boy!  He has six teeth, can stand on his own, and sports his tongue at all times.

 Kiana is three years old.  She continues to grow up as the princess of the family.  She loves dress-up, make-up, The Little Mermaid, her baby doll, and her kitchen.  She’s even felt princess enough to cut her own hair.  She is also very observant and inquisitive.  She amazes us almost daily with something she says or asks.  We know we’ll need all the help we can get when she’s a teenager!

 Joshua is six years old and is in the first grade.  He lost three teeth this year and is not happy with how absent-minded the tooth fairy is, but is growing tolerant.  He just loves to read, write everything down as he is learning to spell, and challenge himself with math problems.  Video games; however, continues to be his favorite thing to do!  And what kind of year would this be without a visit to the emergency room?  Josh needed stitches in the back of his head after falling backward and landing on the hinge of the door.

 Amy had a baby!  She now never gets a full night’s rest, but manages every day.  She’s busy being Mom, helping out at Josh’s school, selling on eBay, working on her church assignments, and helping Den with the business.  When she can find the time, she likes to rest, solve a sudoku puzzle, or read.  She escaped with the kids to visit family in Georgia for a couple of weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the break.

 Den had a real fun year!  He was able to find time to break away from the demands of the business to climb to the summits of Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainer.  He also felt brave enough to start a kitchen remodel while Amy and the kids were away.  It isn’t done yet, but he has done a beautiful job so far with the help of his cousin, Matt.  The business and his church responsibilities keep him very busy, so any free moment is priceless.

In June, we took a road trip to Utah to enjoy Mike and Kenzie’s wedding.  Kiana suffered a minor concussion, and we endured the heat.  But it was worth it; seeing family and friends was so much fun!  And we are looking forward to enjoying time in Leavenworth this Christmas, just like last year!

 We want to thank everyone that has helped us this year.  We couldn’t have enjoyed (or survived) this year without you!  

Recent Events

- The family is surviving the flu.  BTW - the flu shot was worthless!

- Leavenworth was beautiful!  We enjoyed our hotel room, the snow, and the break!



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